32 [T4R] ohio, Trans woman looking for 2nd partner

2021.10.24 03:44 KeyAd9268 32 [T4R] ohio, Trans woman looking for 2nd partner

Hi there I am Sabryna, a very silly and quirky trans female looking for a 2nd partner to fill in gaps in My free time, or even new friends! those are always nice! my fiance knows I'm here and if you want proof that's fine too. I am an open book and I don't hide anything. I have tons of hobbies such as swimming gaming Netflix and I'm a Philomath, (always taking online courses and learning new things) I don't discriminate race or gender, I am an equal opportunity dater I do have 5 to 6 hard requirements in a relationship but they are the simple common-sense rules

  1. Be honest about yourself do not tell lies. It hurts
  2. Be ok with the fact I'm mildly chunky I'm 6'3 and 249. 3.be LGBTQIA friendly.
  3. Do not use me as your trans girl experimental fetish.
  4. Do not be the jealous type this is an openly poly relationship. You would be my 2nd partner. You can date whoever you wish and ill be happy for you.
  5. Do not message me nasty things on the first message. Believe me, if I like you and you like me. , you will get intimacy. Just be patient.
  6. My voice is very femguyish so please dont judge
I encourage anyone to message me because even if we don't click on that level we can be friends? I LOVE the thrill of never knowing what I'm getting myself into while on the hunt! Anyone else enjoy that adventure? Feel free to DM me or leave a comment and ill gladly DM you. At first, this relationship would be online or can stay that way if you wish. But open to making it IRL later if we click.
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2021.10.24 03:44 fanthewan Is biochem self-studyable ?

i’m debating whether i should take ochem 2 and biochem at the same time to prepare for the mcat; is it possible to not take biochem and just self study for mcat material?
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2021.10.24 03:44 WillRayne Sammy's Halloween Spooktacular. Final

As I approached the foot of the stairs, I could see what appeared to be a damp road that reflected the moonlight that shone down from above.
"What the fuck is this now," I asked, looking back over my shoulder at Tony and Calvin.
I stopped in my tracks when I saw nothing behind me but the steps I had already descended.
"Tony!?" I yelled out as I started to walk back up the stairs.
"Calvin!? Where'd you guys go!?"
I started back up the steps before they had a chance to disappear on me. As soon as I reached the top, I could see that things were not as we had left them.
The broom closet and fabricated oubliette had somehow been replaced with a perfectly normal looking room. It was reminiscent of the first floor we had traversed what felt like days ago.
Black cloth draped over the makeshift walls, though there were no plastic and latex ghouls, or any other manner of festively spooky paraphernalia.
I decided to attempt to investigate the area further to search for any hint to where my colleagues disappeared to.
It actually took very little time to travel through the entirety of the area that was formed into something of a labyrinth through the aid of the false walls.
I investigated the room for a while, finding no sign of a second exit, nor any trace of the two I had travelled with up until now.
About halfway through my second lap around the empty room, the vibration of my previously deceased phone snapped my mind away from the puzzling surroundings.
"You gonna be home soon?" Jessica asked.
"Dinner's almost ready. It'll get cold if you stay out all night," she laughed.
"Jess!? I exclaimed, both shocked at hearing her voice, and confused by her nonchalant manner.
I turned around to find the staircase I had walked away from some time ago, to now be standing directly in front of my eyes.
I strolled down the stairs with my head spinning, while listening to the sounds of my kids calling out from the other side of the phone.
"Come home daddy!" Jeremy yelled.
"Mommy's been cooking all day! You better get home quick!" Sarah echoed from the background.
"I'll be there soon," I remarked, after clearing the steps to see myself surrounded by the neighborhood I left behind my tail lights earlier that same day.
"Love ya, babe," Jess said before the line went dead.
I just stood in place, staring across the street we had lived on for close to a decade before my new job led to our cross country trip.
The street lamps shone down over the sidewalks, and Halloween decor scattered every single yard. There were always a handful of our neighbors who decorated for the holidays, but it was never a full spread.
It was nighttime, but the full moon shimmered down from above, which combined with the tall lamps to make the path ahead an easy one.
I slowly sauntered down the middle of the road as no cars passed by, neither coming nor going. I turned my head from left to right when I noticed that every single yard sported the very same seasonal adornments.
Strobing lights and fog machines in each front lawn showed a flickering and misted silhouette of skeletons and pumpkins. Each house had its own circle of boney figures that clasped hands while they stared on through blackened and hollow eyes at the central scarecrow that perched upon a tall crucifix-like structure.
Every now and then, the straw men in the middle appeared to make subtle movements from their wooden props, which may have just been the effect of the flickering lights playing with my eyes.
Given the nature of the things I had seen so far, the idea of moving Halloween decorations did not phase me in the slightest as I strolled on in something of a wide eyed trance.
It didn't take me long to arrive outside the old house. There were no decorations in the front yard, and this was the only building on the street that had lights shining from behind the closed curtains.
Though I knew this was not in fact the actual street I had left behind, it still almost shocked and confused me to see the representation of my home as the one whose yard was free of any festive decor. Ours was always the first to hold a remarkable display of pumpkins, ghosts and witches, along with many other types of seasonal flair.
More often than not, we had our front lawn decked out before September came to a close. Of course, it would take several days to complete whatever the annual theme would consist of. Though my wife adored the process of setting everything up, I can't deny I attempted to convince her to take a year off, from time to time.
I would feel like the Ebineezer Scrooge of Halloween for requesting such a thing, and she would grow more upset at my suggestion than if she had caught me in the act of plowing into the next door neighbor's cute wife as she walked through the door. Still, it really could be exhausting sometimes, but I loved her.
I was shaking all over while I reached a trembling hand up to the door I had swung open countless times before. As I would have expected, I turned the knob to find it unlocked.
"I'm home," I called out, hopeful that my family would be awaiting me.
My heart sank when I walked into the dining room to see three scarecrows, not unlike the ones on every lawn surrounding my home, sitting at the table. The two smaller ones sat on either side of the other, that was surely meant to serve as a substitute for my wife.
I reached out my violently trembling hand to the taller of the scarecrows, almost certain what I would find underneath the burlap mask. As I slowly pulled the sack away, I screamed out in agonizing horror and fell to my knees beside the table my family had eaten many meals upon.
I still had my white knuckled fingers tightly gripped onto the hard fabric bag that had large buttons for eyes, while I bellowed out against the sight of my beautiful wife's wide eyed stare and pale, dead skin.
For what felt like hours, I just sat in that same spot, wailing in sorrow. I couldn't bring myself to pull away any of the other sacks that surely disguised the vacant gaze of my children. I just stayed in place and wept, until;
"Damn shame; that," came from behind me.
I slowly turned my head to see 'my old buddy, Sammy', leaning up against the wall, still wearing his ridiculous circus ringleader garb.
"YOU SONOFABITCH!" I yelled out as I charged the bastard who I held responsible for the death of my family.
I slammed hard into the far wall of my kitchen after the portly man vanished before I could reach him.
I gathered myself from the floor, gripping at the shoulder that had cracked the drywall, while darting my gaze around the room in search of the man I had determined would die by my hands before the day was done.
My jaw fell slack again when I found the room completely empty. No longer did the corpses of my wife and children sit around the also absent dining table. The house appeared completely empty, just as we had left it when we drove away from it for the last time so many hours ago.
My chest still throbbed from the revelations of the last few moments, but I felt hope spark from within me again. Could this have just been another illusion? Was my family still alive out there somewhere? Questions. Too many questions.
After a quick search through my old home to find nothing and nobody inside, I made my way back towards my front door, which now stood closed and locked, though I had left it splayed open upon entering.
I swung the door open to see nine scarecrows standing in a row on the road directly in front of my old house. They were all planted in place, staring back at me through the unevenly sewn button eyes. Their order started on the left with the tallest, and ended with the shortest, which I assumed to be the same one that previously represented my son.
Acting as a perfectly choreographed group, they all reached up with their right arm, and yanked the burlap masks from their heads. They now glared through the pale and cataracted eyes directly into my own.
Sure enough, Jeremy was on the far right, while Tony stood on the left. Each of my family members, and every one of the sextuplet that I began my journey through the 'six floors of fright' now appeared very much alive, though also quite dead before me.
"This is all your fault!" They echoed together in a mishmash of very different voices, though equally as monotone.
I paced backwards while still staring at the row of pale faces that began to slowly saunter towards me. After only a couple of steps, I felt my back press against the now closed door that I had no recollection of even passing through.
"You did this to us," they continued while marching forward with every movement of their limbs a carbon copy of their neighbor.
I reached behind me and jiggled the door knob, desperate to gain entry to the house. When it wouldn't budge, I darted my eyes from side to side to find the short fence that used to wrap around my home now stood so tall I could not even register the top.
With the pacing throng blocking any exit to the front, and the immense enclosure preventing an escape to either side, I rammed my shoulder against the entrance to the house that showed no sign of giving way.
"You deserve to die for what you did to us!" They continued in their eerie chorus as they trudged across the wet grass of my lawn.
I ran to the left and attempted to kick and push through the thin wooden pikes that reached high above, but it felt as though I were ramming against a steel door. Finally, I fell to the ground, both winded and sore from my fruitless attempts to escape, and mentally exhausted from the insanity I had endured since descending that first flight of stairs.
My precious Punkin was the first to close the gap between me and my undead pursuers. She still looked so innocent and pure while she glared at me through her whitened, wide eyes. I just reached out with my arms and wrapped them around her as she tucked her head into my shoulder and bit into the flesh.
Though I felt immense pain when the hoards' other members began to claw at my arms and legs, while my beloved daughter chewed into my shoulder, I wasn't afraid anymore. Were my family indeed free from the pains of this world, I would join them soon. This was not the way that I had hoped to locate them when I began my quest through the roadside attraction, but it didn't matter anymore. Not really.
I closed my eyelids, and welcomed the darkness that lay behind them.
"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" I heard a familiar voice call out, causing my eyes to dart open again.
Calvin, the real Calvin, charged towards me, swinging a bloodied axe which he dug into the head of a green, scaly faced, pointy eared goblin-like creature whose teeth and lips were covered in my blood.
Tony was kicking and punching the others while his boyfriend reached his hand out to pull me up from the ground where I still lay. All of the nine bodies who had matched towards me from the street had transformed into these bizarre fantasy creatures, though they still wore the tattered scarecrow costumes.
Calvin placed a foot on the back of the thing that had been previously chewing on my shoulder, and yanked the axe blade out. He lobbed the weapon to Tony, who then buried it deep into the neck of the tallest of the goblins.
A clawed hand swung towards my midsection, which I caught by the wrist before breaking the forearm bones across my upper thigh. Tony swung the axe from side to side, splitting the green skinned beast across the chest and necks.
Yellowed and foul smelling blood sprayed across the light blue siding of the house I once called home, while the sounds of cracking bones and tearing flesh echoed through the street.
After a short, but grueling battle, all nine of the hideous things lay still on the ground that was sure to serve as my final resting place had my friends not intervened.
The three of us stood panting and heaving for fresh oxygen as we stared down at the massacre we had wrought. I turned to look at both of them, who stood, winded, on either side of me. They looked like they'd been through hell themselves.
Both had blackened and swollen eyes, split lips, inflamed ears and bloody noses. Calvin's bald head had a deep gash on top, and clumped chunks of scarlet in his matted beard. Tony had cuts and scratches across the arm whose sleeve still wrapped around his boyfriend's knee. Without a word, I pulled them both into an embrace, sincerely grateful for the unexpected rescue.
After seeing their doppelgangers sharing the company of the dead teenagers, I was sure they had somehow met their end before they could reach the base of the stairs that led me here. Perhaps I would not so quickly have resigned myself to a brutal death had I known I was not yet alone in this.
"Okay, brother. That's enough," Calvin chuckled, wrestling my arm from around him.
"Sorry," I replied, returning his laughter.
"I thought I was done for!"
"We did too!" Tony said.
He went on to explain that they found themselves on the paved pathway of a park they used to frequent together when they reached the base of the stairs. Calvin remarked that they assumed I had walked on ahead while they talked back and forth while descending the steps, after they noticed I was no longer in front of them.
They too had met a small herd of scarecrows, who revealed themselves to be me, the teens from before, and four guys they had met in this same park under the moonlit sky some years before.
Said individuals had taken turns beating the couple black and blue back in the day, for apparently insulting them by showing a public display of affection, which the four had found more offensive than they could allow.
My friends wasted no time in defending themselves against the group, though they did flee after being overwhelmed by the greater numbers. They ran to a nearby hotel, where they found the axe hidden away behind a glass 'in case of emergency' box.
Once they were armed, the battle fared much more in their own favor when the group arrived before them again. After some blood had been spilled, the illusion faded, revealing the scaled green faces of the very things we just put down.
"How did you get here!?" I asked.
If the stairs had taken them somewhere different from where they led me, I couldn't help but wonder how they were able to locate me.
"Through there," Tony replied, pointing towards a simple wooden door that stood in the middle of the road, several houses down from mine.
"Just appeared after we finished off those things," Calvin stated, staring at the door.
My heart began to race again at the idea that my family could be behind that door, possibly facing off against their own hoard of ravenous goblins. Without a word, I started to run towards it, though my exhausted legs made my progress slower than I would have liked.
Within a moment, Tony and Calvin were running beside me, obviously still holding far more energy than my tired body contained. Ah, to be young again…
"You sure you just wanna rush in like that?" Tony asked as I reached out to the doorknob.
"I have to find them, mate," I replied, feeling my eyes well up again.
"We got your back, brother," Calvin said, giving me a clap on the back.
I looked between the two of them, who stood on either side of me again.
"I seriously can't thank you guys enough," I said, turning my head from side to side to look them in the eyes.
"I would've been dead if you hadn't shown up when you did," I continued.
They both just offered me a smile, and Tony gave a small nod.
"Ready?" I asked.
"As we'll ever be, I suppose," Calvin replied with a heavy sigh.
I pulled the door open to reveal a busy restaurant, adorned with a variety of spooky decor. The scent of freshly cooked food combined with the inviting aroma of a delightful pub caused my stomach to rumble and my mouth to water.
My companions and I just glared from the other side of the entryway, awaiting whatever grim surprise lay hidden within the bustling room ahead. We were all hesitant about walking through the opening in the middle of the road, even more so after every head in the room turned to face us.
Applause erupted from the crowd that sat at tables, or perched by the bar. Some got to their feet while singing our praises.
"What the actual fuck!?" Calvin said in a monotone voice.
Tony and I just shrugged.
It wasn't until Sammy, himself, peered around the side of the open door that I felt inspired to enter the room. I darted forward, grabbing the pudgy man by his collar and kicking his feet out from under him.
As I rared back with my tightly balled fist with the full intention of striking the man, who still wore a silly grin on his smug face, I felt a gentle grip around my wrist.
I turned my still grimacing face to meet the lovely smile of my beloved wife.
"Oh my god!" I called out, dropping the rotund man to the floor and wrapping my arms around her.
"I'm so proud of you, babe," she said, kissing me on the cheek, as Sarah and Jeremy ran up and hugged around us both.
I just stood in place, holding my family close, taking no time to consider the implications of what was really going on here.
I peered up from Jessica's shoulder to see Tony and Calvin still staring on in confusion. I backed up from my wife while my kids still stayed wrapped around my waist, and took another look around the room I now found myself in.
Amongst the many smiling and cheering faces, I noticed the four teenagers who died between the first three floors, sitting at a round table with a large pitcher of beer in the center.
"What the fuck is this, Jess," I asked my wife, suddenly feeling the veil lift before my eyes.
I just glared at my wife, who wore a somewhat guilty, sheepish smile.
I felt a thick arm wrap around my shoulder as Jessica replied,
"This is my Uncle Sammy. He's been dying to meet you."
"Are you taking a fucking piss!?" I exclaimed, pulling myself away from the still grinning Uncle Sammy.
"We almost died!" I cried out.
"They did fucking die!" I continued, pointing toward the four teens who appeared completely unphased by this whole experience.
"They got the shit kicked out of them!" I said, gesturing to Tony and Calvin, whose injuries across their surprised faces appeared to slowly be fading away.
I rubbed my fingers across my shoulder to feel something more akin to a wound received months before. I looked at my palm to see no more than a thin trace of blood from the still damp fabric of my shirt.
I felt my knees weaken and my head spin while I stood in place, grasping for any sort of rationalization for what was happening.
"I...I thought you were dead!" I said, gazing into my wife's eyes.
My heart was racing and I was trembling all over, feeling suddenly nauseated.
"I saw your body!" I continued, as I felt a cold sweat accompany the blood leaving my face.
"How could you….."
I felt my legs turn to jelly as I dropped to the floor before my dizzy head allowed the darkness behind my eyelids to take the place of the crowded restaurant.

"Sir?" A stern voice spoke out, awakening me from the involuntary slumber.
I opened my eyes to see a tall, thin, older man wearing a cheaply made Frankenstein's Monster costume.
"You asked to see a manager, yes?" The man asked, glaring down at me.
"Huh?" I replied, as my eyes began to focus on the familiar lobby of Sammy's Halloween Spooktacular.
"He was looking for his family," the monotone voice of the ragdoll girl said from behind the man as she handed him her skull wrapped tablet.
"Ah, yes," he said, tapping his fingers gently on the screen.
"It appears they have cleared all six floors!" He remarked, still gazing at the screen.
"If you'd like to take the stairs to the right, or the elevator to the left," he gestured at the the two entryways on either side of the back wall,
"They will take you up to the arcade at the top. If your family hasn't come back down yet, that's likely where they are." He finished.
"Up, I mean, the floors went down," I replied, still feeling groggy.
"I'm sorry?" The tall man said, "I'm afraid you're mistaken, sir."
My senses were still heavily muted from the day's events, and my subsequent passing out, but as I began to argue with the man in the Frankenstein costume, I heard a familiar scream coming from behind me.
"Daddy, daddy!" Sarah yelled out as she wrapped her arms around my neck.
Jess was carrying Jeremy in her arms while she strolled towards me.
"I think he got a little freaked out on the last floor," she remarked, rubbing our sons back with her hand.

It wasn't until later that night, after the kids were safely sleeping in the adjoining hotel room next to ours, that I decided to talk to my wife about the events I knew to have taken place that day.
I wasn't entirely convinced that it had all been a manifestation of my sleeping mind while I awaited my family in the lobby of the roadside attraction. My theory was validated when I looked upon the bite sized scars on my shoulder after I got out of the shower.
She just chuckled and hung her head when I showed her the marks left by the ravenous goblins that somehow appeared to have long since healed.
"I told him not to be so hard on you," she replied with a shrug, glaring down at the mattress she was propped upon.
I just stared at her, completely lost for words.
"There's a reason Halloween is such a big deal in my family," she continued, spiraling her long hair between her fingers as she spoke.
"Uncle Sammy is actually my great, great, great, well, a lot of greats," she laughed,
"Great uncle Samhain, and he takes this time of year very seriously,"
We sat in silence for some time. I could barely wrap my mind around the things that occured within the walls of the 'six floors of fright', which were apparently helmed by the spirit of Halloween itself. I certainly couldn't come to grips with the idea that my own wife set me on this path in the first place.
"You were never in any real danger," Jess said, softly, while I still searched for anything to say.
"You probably shouldn't have gotten so confrontational with him, though," she continued with another shrug.
"Really!?" I barked.
"So it's my own fault he put me through hell?" I continued, feeling my face flush.
"No, I mean, I'm not saying that," she stuttered.
"He told me he just wanted to have a little fun with you,"
"I didn't expect him to get so carried away," She laughed again, until I glared at her with a scowl.
"Sorry," she said, darting her eyes back to the blanket she was fidgeting with.
"You mad at me?" She asked, still refusing to look at me.
"Yup!" I replied.

It's been some time since that cross country road trip, and Jess and I are still together, regardless of the insanity of that day. Sure, we went through a good deal of counselling after we settled down into our new home, but I still love her, even if she is a somewhat psychotic demon spawn. God, I hope she doesn't read this.
Halloween is approaching again, and our yard is more decked out with festive decor than ever before. Punkin and Jeremy are as excited as always, and they apparently remember nothing about the trip that found us at Sammy's Spooktacular. That's probably a good thing.
I still keep in touch with Tony and Calvin. They attended a bit of therapy themselves after promising to never include Sammy's in their podcast, which no longer focused on exposing attractions, but enjoying and recommending them instead. Truthfully, they were remarkably cool about the whole ordeal.
The scars on my shoulder are barely visible anymore, but I still have the occasional nightmare that revisits a mutated and deformed version of my daughter. I can't say I still don't care for this time of year, but I'll be damned if I admit that to Jess.
She told me that we are going to have a special visitor this year. Her Great Uncle is going to be in town, and he's apparently quite excited about seeing me again. It's safe to say the feeling is far from mutual.
Just be sure to follow the traditions of the season, yeah? Leave those jack o' lanterns lit. Make sure you have candy for the trick or treaters. Toss up a decoration or two, even if it's just a random skeleton, sitting in a lounge chair.
Should you ever see a billboard that reads 'Sammy's Halloween Spooktacular', I'd have to recommend you just keep on driving.
Happy Halloween, folks! God help me.
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2021.10.24 03:44 arshadejaz If you a rainbow in your life, the you have to tolerate the rain

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2021.10.24 03:44 IzCoronaTime Imalent is having a sale incase anyone has been looking for the MS18

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2021.10.24 03:44 Wild-Ant1384 My R2 us missing.

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2021.10.24 03:44 Pristine-Turn Darkrai now

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2021.10.24 03:44 Danielswag11 Shadow confused what I’m doing

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2021.10.24 03:44 AsbestosInObstetrics Why does my VPN turn itself off intermittently?

I can't figure it out. Sometimes, it will run for days at a time, and other times, I have to manually turn it on two or three times in a day. There is nothing that I have found in the settings that helps with this. No matter whether I select "I'll do it myself" or "Automatically on Wi-Fi..." under the "Protect me online" settings screen, it keeps turning itself off.
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2021.10.24 03:44 Mumbai88 Baby dropped at 28 weeks. I have been advised complete bedrest. Has anyone experienced this?

I had an OB appointment two weeks back when on the growth scan she found the baby's head in the pelvic region. As a result she advised to stop walking and lie down more. At next 30 week appointment the baby's head seems to have slipped down/stuck in the pelvic region with no hope to turn it around or try to bring it back up. The fetal weight is at 1.6kg and I have been given one course of betamethason fir baby's lung development in case of a premature delivery.
Has anyone had any experience with this? Were you able to go full term with the baby dropping so early? I'm 30F FTM and very scared. Thanks!!
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2021.10.24 03:44 ItsFret MTU vs MSU

I'm currently a Senior is HS who wants to go to school for Computer Science, and I'm stuck between MTU and MSU. I'm from the UP(only 3-4 hours away from Tech) and I know tech is probably the smarter choice, but I'm leaving more toward MSU.
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2021.10.24 03:44 ampitex pokemon

how much could i get fo this if i sold it?
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2021.10.24 03:44 BryggerHeise Numerological day analysis of 24–10-2021 12/3 Perfection, Completion/ 3 Will to change; Conscious Decision; Decisiveness

Numerological day analysis of 24–10-2021 12/3 Perfection, Completion/ 3 Will to change; Conscious Decision; Decisiveness Inspired by the principles of Light and Dark, Day and Night you want to gain perfection today as an expression of your Will. Perfection as the expression of your will, has to include the light and the dark.

Light and Dark - Perfection - Will to Change
24–10-2021 12/3 Perfection, Completion/ 3 Will to change; Conscious Decision; Decisiveness
Spirit: 24 Day and Night, Light and Dark
Soul: 10 Transformation; Transition
Body: 21 Insight; Inner rising Sun
The sum total of today is 12: Perfection, Completion leading to 3: Will to change; Conscious Decision; Decisiveness. You want to achieve perfection through your spirit’s ability to go through the night to see the light of a new day, your soul’s transformation and your physical insights.

Creating perfection as an expression of your will is energized today by the axis of: “Focus-Fate”
Blue 4 - Red 11: The axis of Fate, Focus and Concentration
Your inner awakening and leadership drives your quest for focus and concentration. Your inner leadership makes you decide what to hold on to and what to let go of. Focussing – thus avoiding Fate- is a dominant feature in your life. The two driving forces are Diplomacy and Fate coming from the emotional level to join with Universal Skills coming from the mental level. Your emotions are strong whilst your mind goes beyond the mere analytical thinking into universal wisdom.
Diplomacy and Fate
It deals with balancing your Power with Form, which calls for diplomacy, because either the Force destroys the Form or opens the space to the Force to create something magnificent.
Factor of the Universe or Universal Skills
Factor of the Universe gives you the tools to manage the process of balancing power with form. It can facilitate you to step out of the intellectual mind view into new advanced thinking. A willingness to transform is required.
The balance of these two principles lies in their sum: the higher dimension of Vitality. What is bigger than a human’s vitality? Divine vitality. Once you hit the right balance on this axis you will experience a sense of heightened vitality in yourself and in the people and animals around you. (Especially animals pick up on this higher energy very quickly) Beware: Should you misuse your gifts and avoid focussing, the energy may turn against you, creating unexpected Fate and low Vitality. In this Pentagram after the central axis this axis is the second dominant one. Do take notice!
Levels of awareness
Your spiritual awareness and your emotional awareness is very high today. Your spiritual awareness is obtained through Day and Night, Light and Dark and Devotion or “I” catastrophe. Your emotional awareness is obtained through Diplomacy/Fate and Maya, Imaginary world. The levels give you the awareness to intuitively show the Sun-Child in you, to be the public person who stands in the middle of attention and becomes a role model for others; to have very Powerful Insight and to engage in a self-aware way with Temptation
Your spiritual and emotional awareness is further enhanced today through the combination with the 1st principle.
Your spiritual and emotional awareness in combination with the 1st principle, give you the energy of the higher dimension of your Free Will, say : Divine Will. (NB: only you know what that divine will is. Let nobody tell you otherwise)
Special attention
Special attention should be paid to the fact that there are no numbers on your feet (5th and 7th place) which may mean you have problems being physically ‘well-grounded’ today. Get physical in some way today: do some exercises, go for a walk in nature if you can and hug a tree.
Note: If your birthday is today, the topics described above are your topics for 2021. Should a baby be born on this day, then today’s themes are the baby’s life-themes.
See you (virtually) :
(D) Arbeitskreis 29. Oktober 2021
NL) Werkgroep 12 November 2021
Photo credit: The Beauty of Planet
For a full explanation of the numbers and how to work the Pentagram read the book: NumeroLogic. The numerology of the Pentagram. To order the book and for a free intro course please go to: https://pentalogie.com (English) or www.numerologic.de (German)
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2021.10.24 03:44 quanticle How much did the future Allied Powers know about German rearmament in the inter-war period?

One thing that always kind of blows my mind is how much Germany was able to rearm prior to the outbreak of World War 2. Quite a lot of that rearmament was still done when Germany was still pretending to adhere to arms control treaties, such as the Washington and London Naval Treaties, the Treaty of Versailles, etc. My question is: how much did the allies know about German rearmament? And if the Allies did know that Germany was rebuilding its navy and air force, then why didn't they impose diplomatic pressure or economic sanctions? From what I know, it seems like, once Hitler seized power, Germany ignored the treaties limiting its military forces and either totally bamboozled Britain and France, or Britain and France let Germany get away with rebuilding its military.
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2021.10.24 03:44 Anan-ya-anan blursed_cat

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2021.10.24 03:44 Charmeleon_games_yt Perfect girl text me. Week after we started dating she flew back home. What should we do.

Hey I am new and I just wanted to share my story. I live in Oregon USA for context. More than 1.25 years ago now my mom had me block my ex that wanted to still be friends and I agreed because I had promised so. Then about quarter of a year later she sends her hot friend to see if I was alright and what I was doing then the friend hits on me with one of the best hints I have ever seen and used before.
Then she tells me she is cutting ties with ex and I am like “you do you I won’t force you” And then says that she actually wants to go on a date but she is moving to Italy and she didn’t know when so we scheduled a date 4 weeks from then.
Day afterwards she tells me her dad died. I try to console her but it’s hard to do so over text.
A week passes by when she tells me she moved so we had to cancel our date plans 3 weeks later when we should have had our date and she text me saying her step dad had pushed her mother down stairs. And her mom was in critical condition.
Side note it is my family’s belief that we are all cursed beyond recognition. And my personal belief that I share my curse with who I am in love with.
After I console her we go for a few weeks me feeling guilt for my curse thus I tell her that she is under a lot of stress and doesn’t need to have to deal with a ldr along with it and that we should take a break and find someone who could be with you actually.
We both found someone, she was cheated on I was mentally abused. In the end we agreed never again and we should wait till we move closer to the other to start an actual relationship again because we can’t always talk.
Also she is like the perfect personality for me. So I am willing to make any sacrifices to make her happy even if she doesn’t ask.
I am contemplating on leaving my family to move to Italy I am already starting to learn Italian but I feel guilt for thinking about leaving my family
And I know she will feel guilty for having to leave hers what should we do?
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2021.10.24 03:44 OneManArmy112 nån som är vaken pm

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2021.10.24 03:44 drprofessional Golden walking up the stairs in an unusual way

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2021.10.24 03:44 ImpressiveRepeat7236 Is It My Fault That I've Lost My Close Friends?

Hi everyone, I'm 25F, and frankly I have no friends. The only person I would consider a friend at this point is my ex, who is still in love with me and is always testing the platonic line. I haven't had a super close female best friend for years, and it kills me because I love those types of friendships. I've had two of those friendships in my life that I wish I'd been able to maintain, but they didn't work out for one reason or another. I'd love to know if there were things I could have done better to keep these friendships, or if they had run their course.
My first female "BFF" was my childhood best friend. We grew up together and had so much in common at the time. Up until about 18, we never imagined that we could go a day without talking or texting. Now, we text once every two or three months, and rarely ever see each other. I understand that people grow up and grow apart, but what irks me is the feeling that she just never liked me as much as I liked her. Growing up, we lived at a distance from each other. When it came to making plans, she'd prioritize her friends from school over me, whereas I prioritized her over my own friends from school since I saw them all the time.
Although I did have other friends, I always got the sense that because she had way more friends than me, she didn't "need me" in her life as much as I needed her. From college onwards, she became super flaky when making plans. Either she'd unexpectedly invite other people to our hangouts, or she'd just bail on me altogether. She also began texting me less and less. I'd get half-hearted one or two-word replies to my messages. I then decided that I just wouldn't initiate conversations with her, which led us to where we are now, barely speaking. She left me high and dry on my birthday a little while ago, and I had to pay $50 just to cancel our restaurant reservation. It really sucked to spend the night alone, and I don't really believe the excuse she used to bail. I feel very hurt, and like this friendship isn't even worth the 1% effort I'm putting in at the moment.
At the same time that I started losing my childhood friend, I became close with another girl who I'll call my "college BFF". Again, my college friend and I had a ton in common. We had the same major, same food, same music taste, you name it. Although we had a larger friend group, we spent the most time with each other. People actually joked that we were so attached at the hip that once one of us started dating someone, our friendship would come apart... which is exactly what happened!
Two years into our friendship, I started dating someone in our friend group, who is now the ex I mentioned above. My college BFF was super defensive and constantly tried to call me out for spending less time with her. Early into my relationship with my boyfriend, I could literally count the hours that I had spent with my college BFF and proved that there wasn't a significant change, but she wouldn't stop ragging on me. This led to her becoming closer with other people in our friend group, and together they started backbiting me a lot. I was constantly shat on for spending "too much" time with my BF and not coming to certain friend group gatherings, or coming to the ones where I wasn't wanted.
Things finally reached a tipping point when my college BFF started flirting with my boyfriend. We'd go out as a friend group, and she'd get wasted and start acting very inappropriately. She'd continually try to hold my boyfriend's hand, put her head on his shoulder, and even kept repeating that she loved him in a foreign language (I only found out what she was actually saying later when someone translated the phrase for me). It all became too much, and I just couldn't bring myself to talk with or hang out with her anymore. The end of that friendship was definitely on me, but I can't help wondering if there's something I could have done to salvage it.
Am I the problem here? I realize that this info is inherently biased coming from my perspective, but I'm really struggling with loneliness. I feel like I'm the only one among my family and acquaintances who's struggled to maintain long-term friendships.
A big part of me feels like if I had a better personality (more outgoing, more fun to hang out with) I would have been able to hold onto these relationships, and many more.
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2021.10.24 03:44 Keeenwaaa What's the best master oogway quote out of these? 🐢

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2021.10.24 03:44 Enty_Flogey_Towty Warcrimes Propaganda During English Civil War 1642 through 1651

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2021.10.24 03:44 Lanky_Sink687 Join the Girls 14- Discord Server!

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2021.10.24 03:44 AutoNewspaperAdmin [AF] - Hungary’s Orban, opposition rival hold rallies as election race heats up | France24

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