Anatha whitehats be like…

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2021.11.27 11:41 TadeuMagalhaes The Wind

I sit Amidst the strong blowing wind... Unphased.
If it takes me, I'll fly... with the birds in the sky.
Everyday, a prayer. Always the same: Thank you mother nature.
This is what I am. What you are. What we have always been.
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2021.11.27 11:41 sarahthescorpio Need help picking what machine to get!

Every time I begin my research on what I should get I end up so confused because of the different benefits and downsides of each one. I’ve read how most people don’t care for the Next, most like the original like for the wider variety of pods and classic espresso drinks. That’s about as much as I understand.
This is gonna sound ridiculous but I really just want something that can mimic Starbucks Blonde espresso shots because I’m sick of spending a ridiculous amount of money there.
Also, are there any good deals going on? I’ve looked at Costco and Target so far. But I feel like I need to figure out what I want before venturing elsewhere.
Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
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2021.11.27 11:41 r1905 HELP jewelry came out overnight

I had my nostril piercing 6-8 weeks ago. Got the bar changed out yesterday for a smaller one as recommended. It was a bit irritated after this. Woke up today and the jewelry is no longer in my nostril. I can feel something still in my nose but the top part is definitely not there and now it looks like there’s dry blood. My piercer doesn’t open for another 3 hours. Is there anything I can do? Is it ruined?
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2021.11.27 11:41 Foegetful_Knowitall If you're a childhood acquaintance or family friend of John Hinckley, Jr...

I would appreciate, as I'm sure he will as well, if you could take a moment to forward this note to him. Thank you in advance.
Dear Mr Hinckley,
Congrats on your release from you commitment and successful recovery from you illness. Forty years is a long time, but YOU DID IT!
I'm not sure if you were able to keep up with the news, but remember the half retarded, New York real estate developer with the horrible hair who married the Penthouse model, DONALD TRUMP? Well, you're not gonna believe this, but HE WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT (I know. Craztoy, right?).
So far he's been unsuccessful, but he's relentless, so who knows how long she'll be able to stay safe?
As someone else who appreciates Ms Foster's immense talent, I thought you might want to follow this story.
A Fellow Foster Fan
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2021.11.27 11:41 iRamHer In response to voter turn out post and other malicious things

I've got something to type with for once, so I'll take a little time to dump this. I'm responding essentially to another post that I read a paragraph into and said, this is ridiculous. My thoughts resemble explosive farts rather than coherent ramblings so saddle up and hang on. I also understand there is SOME speculation here, as there's no way to get real answers. But most of what gamestop is about is discovery, and I have discovered. Math is minimal for the retards. Not financial advice, form your own opinions, this is a speculation piece that seems to correlate strongly with long term market trends. Flaired as speculation as I don't care to source anything reputable because I am classically lazy, but not discussion lazy

Anyways, we had a turn out of 99.x% {i forget what x was .6?.7?.9?} We know votes are normalized so there is not an advertised over-vote, however we've been told by reliable sources that gamestop can see the real-time, unmodified count, which I highly doubt, I think it's "reliable" people speaking of things they think they know, but can't give evidence on where they found such information. I don't doubt gamestop can see a running tally as the votes come in, but as that tally reaches a point, I imagine it is normalized. That isn't a big deal though for this thought process.

So we know the turn out was 99.x%, everyone keeps saying it's based on float, however, every share has rights, whether it's released from gamestop directly or released from a market maker as a synthetic, there's no differentiation between the two in the system, it doesnt matter if the votes are held by insiders, they count, even if the insider is voting for themself. So you're telling me we got almost every single vote available {70 million something}, and yet we also know there were multiple brokers many of us can recall that DID NOT allow voting for roughly 20 million shares? By the way, every 1% is about 700k shares for a 70 million shares outstanding, don't get stuck on specifics here, it's unnecessary.

So we know roughly 20 million shares held by INVESTORS COULD NOT vote, we know roughly 70 million shares DID vote and still had a turn out of 99.x%. We also know ETFs held, I forget, 5 to 20 million shares? Those shares DO have voting rights, it's pretty common for those holders, like blackrock, to not vote, unless it serves their holder's best interest, so hard to say on that front. Boy that's pretty good I think, considering there are a bunch of people who could vote but didn't. So I'd like to say, well, that is just pure proof that we had over 100% of the vote, but let's examine a little more speculation.

So I didn't think of this at the time of the vote, I was younger and dumber, however many brokers did NOT provide their investors with control numbers, they had a voting portal that they had to personally spend time and money on to create, to do the same thing the official voting portal does, why is that? You could just rack that up as a "well, just because" but that isn't good enough for me. I've been parroting this for a bit now. I believe brokers are holding shares in a pool. I believe broker X's customers "own" 10 million shares, and broker X only owns 3 million shares that cover that 10 million pool. I believe broker X uses the money you give them to buy GME at the market on assets they wish to invest in, and "cover" you with shares from the pool when you need them. This is an illegal undisclosed CFD contract that you never agreed to. They're using your money against you. The only time your account will see a share is if you lend shares {though they could just pay you the percentage}, and when you transfer your assets, whether to another brokerage or to computershare. Every other minute you "own" shares in broker X they're failure to receives, which means you don't actually own shares, which means you do not qualify for shareholder rights, and aren't eligible for federal insurances if someone goes belly up. If Broker X goes under, you have no shares to transfer to another broker, nor will you receive your initial investment back, not in a timely manner anyways {yes this has happened before}.

So what's this have to do with voting? So broker X makes a portal and says here you go, you have rights. Great! But why? Broker X allows you to vote, but they fucked you. Broker X only has 3 million votes but needs to supply 10 million votes to their investors. So broker X supplied you with a portal to vote so they could hide their illegal shenanigans. This means every vote you cast is only worth 1/3 or 0.333333 of a share. They normalized your vote before they even got to gamestops official proxy vote carrier. IE they stripped you of 2/3 of your rights so they could dip their hand in the cookie jar. There were a bunch of brokers that did this, TDA was one. Some brokers weren't going to allow voting on gme specifically, and others just don't allow voting but they said "hmmm you know what, why not, we'll make you a portal to allow you to do so". I'm sorry, what? why the change of heart? did they even record your votes and submit them? How come some portals didn't even release until a month into voting? Yes lots of speculation here, but let's be honest, shit smells like shit.

Brokers will be more likely to do this on dying stocks. Stocks that were corrupted from within. Stocks that had to be issued a shit credit and can't issue dividends. Stocks like gamestop. This means brokers who deal in the share pool business have to pay your dividend to look like they are 100% legal so you don't grow a wrinkle and catch on. You're holding a stock that your broker despises, and it's because they thought they were the ones screwing you, but now the turntables.

So what happened to fidelity's shares? We know they had a couple million until they, well didn't. However, they have between 1 million and 4 million shares available to borrow at all times. Their filings since at least june do not show any shares, but if you ask fidelity where their shares are coming from they say "oh they're ours". I think you can guess, but I'll spell out what i think happened. During the great migration of brokers fidelity had an influx of investors. Fidelity could bill the sending broker if they didn't pair proper shares, and that could be part of it. However I think what's more likely is, fidelity simply "returned" the shares their original customers had and widened their pool. in other terms, instead of having a ratio of 10:3, they went to 10:8 or 1:1. They saw the magnitude of investors coming in and said shit we better become a little more honest just in case. However, I'm not convinced fidelity is completely honest, as I said earlier, they claim those 1 million to 4 million shares are theirs but no one has been able to find a recent filing like we could Jan, feb, and march. We know brokers like fidelity hold shares in folders with "PROPERTY OF FIDELITY" on them, they tell us they hold our shares in streetname, but how do we know the shares are really allocated to us and not just shuffled in the backroom when needed? how do we know they change hands? Yes we can sometimes {more so recently} see our orders hitting the market, but it wasn't always like that. I believe brokers like fidelity simply reshuffled shares from their assets and hid them in their customers assets like they should be, but are using them illegally to profit like they shouldn't be. If they own shares, we should be able to find a filing for them, I doubt they would file an exemption for holding a long position, like GME. Holding in customers accounts {like they should be} doesn't get reported. If you've been watching the bloomberg dumps, you'll see a lot of institutional holding reports being very inaccurate and not adding up, are they hiding something? are they scrubbing and spoofing institutional holdings? If so why? beats me. All the brokers have shit on their boots, it just depends how much.

I believe fidelity when they say they're lending their own shares, and I'll tell you why. If you hold through a broker, you don't own shares. You'd be lucky if they put your name on a sticky note that has any stickiness left on it to even recommend anyone but fidelity, or whichever broker may have any claim to it. note: i believe fidelity issued control numbers, so I would say for sure, they HAD to allocate their shares to specific accounts to allow those specific holders to vote with a control number. But I still firmly believe they are lending those shares.

Now I will say, the DTC doesn't pair a certificate to a share until that share transfer out of THEIR system. IE you direct register. They enable and play the game as much as everyone else. And when shit hits the fan, they go to the brokers and say, hey not my problem, figure it out. This also means, the sec and every other regulation agency is complicit because frankly, it's impossible to not see the corruption at all levels. You can appreciate the more honest brokers, but lets be honest, a polished turd is still a turd.

So what's the point of all this? Basically this. Our vote was normalized by gamestops official vote carrier. Most brokers that independently took votes either didn't submit your votes, or normalized your votes before they even reached gamestops official vote system, which means they got double diluted. We clearly own more than 100% of outstanding shares.

So what's my point with all this? how do we stop this fuckery? how do we obtain our full rights? So first I'm going to say, I really find all these purple circles fucking annoying. I can't find anything of substance, which most people don't care because they can't read and are retarded. But for me that's a big problem. However, direct registering is the way to guarantee you own your shares, you get your voting rights, and you receive your dividend from gamestop. There's absolutely no reason to not register 100% of your holdings, and I'll get into more of that further down, but realistically, you trust gamestop to issue real shares, then you trust gamestop to hold those shares for you. With gamestop holding your shares, you do not require federal insurance, your shares are not a cash value in a broker, they are a certificate held directly in your name that can be moved anywhere at will thanks to gamestop acknowledging YOU own them. You don't trust the government, why fuck with them to insure your shares, and why fuck with middlemen like brokers more than you have to? Computershare is gamestop's middlemen. brokers are your middlemen between computershare, why the extra step for all the bullshit?

So direct registering is a direct benefit for YOU. What direct registering does NOT do is cause stress on shorts or market makers, at least not outright. So if you lock the float, guess what, there are still 5 million, or 50 million, or maybe 500 million shares out there that can be borrowed. It doesn't matter if they were issued by the DMM or by gamestop, they're still real shares if they have a share allocated to them. They still have rights, they still recieve a dividend {from the shorter, not gamestop}. So my point there is, most people will consider it fud, but it's the truth, we will not stress shorts very much unless we direct register every single share out there in the wild wild west of brokers, they're lending your shit. How would you feel if your car dealer lent out the car your paying a premium on without asking you? Yeah, that's shit.

I'm going to recieve a lot of comments like "but selling through CS sucks!"
Yeah, if you send via limit order, thats a singular order, it goes to market instantaneously as long as you submit it before a certain time, I can't remember when. If you send a market order, that's a batch order, and those will hit market similarly to how buys go to market, in a batch, and at what I'm assuming is a singular order. Don't take my work on this though, do your diligence.

because locking the float doesn't stress the shorts. removing your lendable shares {ie all the shares out there} from brokers does. This means removing 76 million shares or whatever, and every single certificate in the DTC isn't good enough. All "locking the float/shares outstanding" will do is prove there is a major problem, possibly fomo, and get more eyes on the matter {hopefully}. If there are 200 million shares issued by the DMM, that means there will still be 200 million shares out there that are lend-able, plus ETFs, which can be dissected and reypothecated near endlessly. You have to cause a fail-able margin call before you can worry about selling shares "easily" in a broker

And fidelity is only $1000. They're limited by the market participants, ie virt, shitadel, etc. Fidelity is a big boy but they have to play ball with the bigger boys who control the highway. If you think fidelity will just magically up the sell limit, well, they won't if they can't. if market participants do not allow limits of $1000, then you're fucked and will wish you were completely in CS. A squeeze could come and go before you were allowed to sell over $1000. And tell you what, GME is one of, if not the only stock, that has such an insane limit. You can set a sell order for bumfuck nowhere stock that trades at $2 for $10,000 and higher if you wanted, but GME seems to strike a bad chord for market participants.

eh, i guess. I partially answered this above though. Each company has different permissions and "plans" with computershare. This means there are different price limits and order types, among other amenities per stock. So when you buy a share, some companies allow you to limit buy, this means you set the price, and your share is taken to market as a singular order of you. If you just "buy" that means you have a situation like gamestop, where they wait for x amount of orders by a certain time and submit the order to their broker. We do not know what companies these reviews associate with, we do not know the order type these people used, the time of day the order was issued, and market conditions. What I do know, is computershare gives me full rights to my holdings, and that if i wrote a review to the DTC, brokers, and stock market participants in general, it would not be half as good as the worst computershare review. so, try to compare apples to apples here. Some people have limit sold other stocks and documented their experience, if I remember correctly, the orders were near instantaeously. Verifiy yourself.

tldr We had over 100% of the vote. Brokers diluted your rights. They aren't buying majority of your shares on market. You don't own shares at most brokers, just paper statement until your DRS. All financial agencies are corrupt. Keeping your shares in a broker are ridiculous. 100% or near 100% direct registration is the way. Direct registering does NOT cause very much stress on shorts and other powers unless we lock nearly every share issued by gamestop and DMM. Brokers hate you because you played by the rules and they thought they were screwing you, but now they're going to have to pony up dividends and pay out extravagant amounts of money. I'll probably be downvoted because a bunch of smoothies will call half of this fud, but it's pretty calculated and would help explain a lot of issues other investors are/were having. I imagine i excluded a bunch of stuff, but this is the gist.
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Not too sure how to go about this, should i apply finish to the underside of a table first let it dry then finish the top side or use some sort of pyramids to do both sides at the same time.
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