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Praise Todd Howard

2021.11.27 11:48 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.11.27 11:48 Warm-Indication-608 Has Lexapro helped or worsened your morning anxiety?

Please include how long you've taken it? Thanks
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2021.11.27 11:48 TheMayMayMakers a surprise for sure, (Post by u/XDEC0DE)

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2021.11.27 11:48 its_game_over_man Okay here's your date with the dads. Maybe you all will calm down now

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2021.11.27 11:48 feloso The giant waves of Nazaré, Portugal

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2021.11.27 11:48 WilliamRails Capybara can not find link Element on ERB page - Rails 6.1

HI Experts,
Trying to follow a study material that introduce CApybara and RSPec ...
But in the most simple Test Capybara is claiming can not find a link..
My Gemfile is like that :
group :development, :test do gem 'pry-rails' gem 'capybara' gem 'rspec-rails', '~> 4.0' gem 'factory_bot_rails' end group :test do gem 'launchy' gem 'database_cleaner' gem 'email_spec' gem 'selenium-webdriver' gem 'chromedriver-helper' end
The page I am testing is like that in /app/views/home/index.html.erb
div class='content col-md-8'> <%= link_to "Create a new account", new_account_path %>
My Spec file is like that in /spec/features/accounts/sign_up_spec.rb
require "rails_helper" feature "Accounts" do scenario "creating an account" do visit root_path sleep 3 click_link "Create a new account" fill_in "Name", with: "Teste" click_button "Create Account" within(".flash_notice") do sucess_message = "YOur Account has been Created" expect(page).to have_content(sucess_message) end end end
And I have routes to set root_path
root to: "home#index"
But when I run
$ bundle exec rspec spec/features/accounts/sign_up_spec.rb
I got

1) Accounts creating an account
Failure/Error: click_link "Create a new account"

Unable to find link "Create a new account"
# ./spec/features/accounts/sign_up_spec.rb:7:in `block (2 levels) in '
What am I missing ?
Thanks in advance
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2021.11.27 11:48 Rybiculous How did you know you are addicted to cocaine?

Did you need rehab to stop? Are you still friends with your friends? Was their a pivotal moment you knew you had to stop?
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2021.11.27 11:48 Koreakat Learning disability aids for labs

Hi chemistry,
I’m a 3rd year inorganic chemistry TA and this year was the first time I had a student approach me about how their learning disability made it hard to understand what to answer in the lab report (we have them answer questions about the chemistry by leading them to find peer-reviewed articles). They also had trouble understanding the procedure.
I suggested highlighting the important parts of the procedure and even writing it out in short form so they can visualize the reaction sequence (we get 1st year orgo students to do this).
I don’t know how to help with understanding how to answer questions for the lab report though. Besides breaking it down into point form, I don’t know how else to help.
Does anyone have any experience with this? My disability training was abysmal…
Tldr; how do you help students w learning disabilities for lab reports?
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2021.11.27 11:48 XxAncientMillenialxX What’s Crete like these days?

Haven’t been with them for about 6 years now, went local, broke my body. Started pulling boats this year and just got my first run through Canada. Found out my DM knows nothing about cvor or nir requirements. .70 cpm with drop and hooks is sounding nice. Especially with the healthcare that I remember. Any of you have experience with Crete recently?
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2021.11.27 11:48 dtcook0719 Anyone know where I can buy a PS5?

Hey everyone! I’m looking to buy a PS5. I couldn’t find one for Black Friday, and have had really bad luck on Craigslist with creepy weirdos. Looking for suggestions, or people who are selling them. Doesn’t have to be out of the box new, but I’d like to verify it works first. Feel free to send me a PM! Thanks everyone, hope you all ate well!!!
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2021.11.27 11:48 Jarrod_West_ Amargosa Opera House - Death Valley Junction - California [OC]

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2021.11.27 11:48 Thecardiologist2029 Seriously Fuck Covid

There is a new covid variant in South Africa that they say could be more transmissible. I am fucking sick and tired of this pandemic being prolonged for longer than it should have been. This shit has gone on for 2 years. i am also sick how they are trying to push for a new vaccine every time a new variant comes up. Like I already got my 2 vaccinations so I don't need more than 2 doses of the vaccine. I wish I could live my life normally without having to worry all the time that I will never be able to live my Pre-Pandemic life. and fuck anti-maskers and ant-vaxxers you have dragged this shit on for way too long. I feel this pandemic will never end.
end of Rant.
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2021.11.27 11:48 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.11.27 11:48 Grandioseus My wife is getting into the Christmas spirit.

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2021.11.27 11:48 GimmiePig Tail of the Snake [30 x 30] and the Brood Chamber of the Vrael [40 x 45]

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2021.11.27 11:48 disagreeattached Makes giong to the gym without compression shorts pretty difficult..

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2021.11.27 11:48 digitalcairo BabySitter App for iOS/Android released for beta testing

We have released the iOS/Android versions of our BabySitter App which allows parents to locate babysitters and Nurseries offering their services within their cities in any country. App for parents and for childcare providers available for beta testing at https://babysitter.digitalcairo.com
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2021.11.27 11:48 plbrhajvrv I WENT TO PRIDE

Where I live for some reason the pride parade was today instead of during pride month, but I went to pride for the first time, I couldn’t stay for the actual parades though because they were late and I have a curfew, BUT I WENT AND WE HAD SO MUCH FUN AND I WANNA GO AGAINNNNNNNNNNNN
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2021.11.27 11:48 EDMLiveset Mariana Bo - Dance Rituals 175

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2021.11.27 11:48 stiridinbucovina Mai multe cioate transportate ilegal au fost depistate de către jandarmi la Cornu Luncii

Vineri, 26 noiembrie a.c., pe raza localității Cornu Luncii, în urma unei acțiuni pe linie silvică desfășurată de Jandarmeria Fălticeni, a fost descoperit un bărbat în vârstă de 30 de ani care transporta 19 cioate din grupa de specii rășinoase, brad și molid.
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2021.11.27 11:48 archimedes1219 Beautifully amazing how a single fork can make all this

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2021.11.27 11:48 techrisdev I made a better Spotlight for macOS

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2021.11.27 11:48 RhinoG91 After getting a new job, what did the Dad say about his weight gain?

You could say I got more of a … ‘desk roll’
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2021.11.27 11:48 NANI1061 W or L (I got the 10m)

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2021.11.27 11:48 urbanracer34 Solitude Project Saturday: What projects are you working on that pertain to your (special) interests? Weekly post #197

Here's last week's Solitude Project Saturday
So, /aspergers, what projects do you have on the go right now? Any ideas on the backburner for one reason or another? Any ideas just in the planning phase? Even if you are working on them with someone else, they still apply here. If you can mention the interest that you have that relates to the project, that would be great; it may help others.
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