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Going to cancel my drive test (G) appointment at Ottawa Walkley for December 8 at 9:04 am, not sure if it’ll show up immediately, but just putting it out here if that helps anyone… on another note Walkley is also showing openings for November 29 and November 30

2021.11.27 10:58 ChelseaNG85 Going to cancel my drive test (G) appointment at Ottawa Walkley for December 8 at 9:04 am, not sure if it’ll show up immediately, but just putting it out here if that helps anyone… on another note Walkley is also showing openings for November 29 and November 30

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2021.11.27 10:58 agorarocks-your-face Co parent not providing for children question.

Still in the process of divorce. Currently 50/50 custody with STBXH pay a small portion of child support. I understand child support is to provide me with a means to give kids clothing, food, etc.
My question is that I thought ex has/should provide half of these kid necessities as well. However he is not. I’ve bought all the kids winter gear, hair cuts, shoes, etc. I’ve asked ex to help with these things. His response was to give our 9 y/o son an old pair of my boots that are three sizes to big for him. I asked him to give kids hair cuts. He doesn’t. Is there anything I can do to have STBXH pay for his share? Or is this supposed to come out of the child support I receive?
Thanks Reddit!
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2021.11.27 10:58 BoobooMaster ARSLAN Consortium

ARSLAN Consortium Name: ARSLAN Consortium
Location: ARSLAN Consortium is a world-wide megacorporation specialized in weapons development, manufacturing/private military contract, cyber-security and shipping/trading. It has branches in all major first-world nations, representatives in second-world nations and some presences in third-world nations.
Current most notable place of ARSLAN consortium is “Zakika” or “The Lion Head”, an entire city built to serve as the main headquarter, located in Rovina, where the board of directors and majority of company’s top facilities reside.
Geography: Since ARSLAN Consortium isn’t really a sovereign nation, it does not have “official” sovereign lands (aside from sunken island of Zeonon).
Biology/Ethnicity: As a megacorporation, ARSLAN has employees from every race of every nation, it has connections.
History: ARSLAN Consortium started as multiple separate companies mainly located a place formerly known as an island Nation of Zeonon located near to Whirlpool. Approximately 60 years ago, the whirlpool suddenly expanded greatly and swallowed entirety of Zeonon within a single day. Sudden loss of home territory triggered unforeseen corporate battle among other multinational corporations to absorb leftover of extremely promising companies of Zeonon. To avoid complete takeover by foreign corporations, surviving leaders agreed to pool all their remaining resources to create ARSLAN consortium. Even though they pooled everything into single basket, it was just barely enough to avoid hostile takeover.
Therefore, to increase company weight relatively fast, ARSLAN started to pursue questionable avenues such as private military, weapon trading, corporate espionage and private black operations. New chosen direction bore riches to ARSLAN and soon they started to buyout its rivals one by one slowly.
Furthermore, leaders of ARSLAN used their several personal and trade connections with Federal Republic of Rovina to relocate their assets in Rovina. Overtime the consortium’s wealth, elites intermingled with Rovina’s economy and elites, creating complex relationship with this particular nation.
Now 60 years after its creation, ARSLAN Corporation stand as of one of the top megacorporation in the world.
Society: As a megacorporation, ARSLAN can be divided into 2 main groups, core and non-core, via weight of their assets and market shares within the Consortium. Core subsidiaries of ARSLAN represent almost half of entire Consortium’s business and sales. Therefore they have the highest influence on the decisions of the board of directors. Additionally many of the non-core subsidiary companies and their services fall within the business field of Core subsidiaries, thus work/act as extension of Core subsidiary company network.
Core: ARLSAN Militech –involved mostly in military tech development and manufacturing
ARSLAN Cybertech – involved mostly in computer software, hardware and IT security
LIONHEART International Shipping – Involved mostly in sea and air shipping
ARSLAN Private Security – Involved mostly private military, security and police service
ARSLAN Biotech – involved mostly in chemical and biotechnology, including bioweapon and gene manipulation development.
Non-core: ARSLAN Magitech, ARSLAN Maritech, ARSLAN Heavy Machinery, Liv Life technologies, Leo Chemicals, Leo Medcal, Queen’s Insurance, United coin Banking, Raion Chipware, Saja Airlines, MacD Entertainment, Odum Foods, 724 Convenience store chain, Urusula Sea-food chain and more.
The complex relationship with F.R.Rovina means ARSLAN acts and represents itself as “an independent nation’s business organization” on the world stage (as a company still representing “Zeonon”, not tied to Rovina’s government, politics and some cases certain rules), while also enjoying rights and advantages of local companies within the nation. A country within a country.
Culture: As a megacorporation, ARSLAN’s seeks to monopolize many business field it operates, mainly arms and shipping industry (where its greatest efforts can be seen). The consortium can and will use both legal and illegal actions to influence a nation’s politics and economics to steer towards a favorable environment to itself, such as artificial price inflation, arms supply to rebels, political blackmailing.
Work environment within the Consortium can be a day and night different between Job levels. Lower levels have employees who are largely removed from hostile chaotic corporate politics and mostly accepted their lives. Middle level is a blend of extremely ambitious individuals seeking to raise along corporate ladder and fulfilled people content with their conditions. The most ruthless political machinations happen within circles of higher level and elites, where individuals seeking powers akin to “a president of a nation” gathered.
Occurrence of Magic: Magic in general is positively viewed in ARSLAN, albeit it’s a double edged one. For many employees, it is a useful tool within their arsenal to forward their ambition and secure favorable work contracts, positions. However corporate political landscape also means magic is a potent blackmailing excuse to a relentless opponent.
Imports AND exports: ARSLAN produces almost “everything”, including weapons, foods, raw material processing, chemicals etc. The exact percentage of products within overall market share can vary from year to year.
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2021.11.27 10:58 ClaudybeatZ [FREE] (HARD) "A Whole Snack" Lil Baby Freestyle Trap Type Beat | Claudy...

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2021.11.27 10:58 YOW-Weather-Records Yesterday's maximum temperature was < 0°C in Winnipeg, which dropped 2021 from 4th to 5th place for the most ≥0°C days year-to-date November 26.

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2021.11.27 10:58 Slayertodt How do i fix my chat spamming loot drops?

How do i fix this issue? everytime i kill something it spams the group iron chat with the drop

thank you
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2021.11.27 10:58 theboygento WHO HAS WILL OVERPAY + 93 ICONS

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2021.11.27 10:58 AszEaterer Destroyed my country fighting an alliance more than twice my strength just so my useless ally could keep a 3 dev island province... (Where's the AI did nothing tag)

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2021.11.27 10:58 naturalgyarados [BDSP] Looking for pichu with the ability static

[r] I’m looking for this pichu so that I can increase the encounter rate of shinx so I could shiny hunt it on route 202. It would be really appreciate if you could help me out! Thanks
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2021.11.27 10:58 JediRustyy Is it just me or that the Old Monk hat looks like Shawarma.

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2021.11.27 10:58 Cultural_Fisherman99 Random thought on gamepass

With all of the controversy around Activision and this years battlefield game from EA I feel like it would be an amazing idea for Xbox to try and put the new cod and battlefield on gamepass. So many people are turned off by both of these games for whatever reason (lack of content, glitches, bugs, just are not interested at getting it full priced, etc). If they were to be put on gamepass not only does Xbox get a lot of good press but both developers get more people who usually wouldn’t play their game into it. It would also probably drive up the amount of money someone would spend on micro transactions which both cod and EA love. I feel like a lot of people would be more willing to buy skins or whatever from these games shops if they have the thought process of I did not pay full price for this so what is the harm. I don’t know it was just a random thought I had and I honestly think it sounds like a smart idea for every company involved and would get Xbox a ton of great press and maybe even get more people into gamepass. Would love to hear your guys thoughts and opinions on this.
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2021.11.27 10:58 douglasglock19 [WTB] Glock MOS cover plate $10 (KY)

[WTB] Glock MOS cover plate $10
For the 19 17 45 34 Gen 5
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2021.11.27 10:58 memcio3 Yohohoho

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2021.11.27 10:58 LucaSamsons Anyone taking advantage of the double cashback from gift cards?

For those that don't know, there's a X2 cashback for all cards that don't already give 10%. Since CRO's prices will probably only go up until Christmas, it's probably the best time to buy. Cuz if CRO goes up by 30%, then you're really getting a 13% cashback.
So even if you haven't started buying your Christmas gifts, it might be the best time to load up on gift cards to save.
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2021.11.27 10:58 BergkampHFX Can you buy spirits outside of the LCBO?

Hi All- I’m a cocktail enthusiast and I’m travelling to Toronto this week from Nova Scotia. I’m looking to bring back some bottles that I can’t get here- my first stop will of course be the LCBO, but are there private stores that sell spirits I should check out? We have a few private ones here besides the NSLC so I’m curious if there is something similar in Ontario. Additionally, are any of the LCBO’s more flagship in nature, meaning they are larger with a bigger selection?
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2021.11.27 10:58 MCL246 How many reddit followers do you have and where did you get them from?

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2021.11.27 10:58 MishtaRingwaltz Ragnarok Online x Animal Crossing ✨ Umbala

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2021.11.27 10:58 Appropriate-Reveal27 Dublin/Cork Restaurant Owner on Trial for Animal Cruelty at his Dog Pound

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2021.11.27 10:58 jerewirtz Complicated situation

I (19m) started Uni a year ago. Got close with 4 other friends (2m 2f). We grew closer and closer and I was especially close to the one girl and the other guy. After 3 months my 4 friends started dating. Meaning I have always and will always be the 5th wheel. It’s really difficult for me to make new friends and open up to people so I hess. crazy happy when I got so close with those 4 so quickly. As I said, I am especially close to on of the two couples. A couple of weeks ago the girl (k) told me her bf (j) (my friend) had the feeling that me k and I were growing closer than j and he started feeling jealous. He seriously felt like k liked me more than k liked him (j). Since then my friendship with her has begun to pull apart. As I was especially close to her she was the only one who I opened up to about my sh and thoughts of kms. This seperation as well as stress and the seasonal change have made the last week extremely hard for me. I know that she knows that bc she has always sensed when I wasn’t feeling great. Usually she comes up to me and talks to me, in the last few days however she has just been ignoring me. Today they all went into the city and I didn’t go, now I’m laying here sad and wanting to cry but I just can’t. She didn’t even ask why I wasn’t coming. When I said I’m not joining she just said ok and left. I don’t understand why she has to ignore me just so her bf j doesn’t get jealous. Are you serious? Im Gay, it’s not even like i would steal her from j. Since she has told me that j is jealous I’ve started loosing connection with him too. Now I just feel more and more alone and I can’t even let my feeling go bc they’re so bottled up I can’t even cry eventhough I feel like sobbing all day.
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2021.11.27 10:58 ggwp757 What are some good gangs to join?

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2021.11.27 10:58 nowuseeme526 I have bloom all the way off. Still can't see anything. How do I fix this? It's only in certain areas like this

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2021.11.27 10:58 Current-Flamingo how to get started as a psychic?

I need help in how to get started online, my previous post got deleted for no reason.
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2021.11.27 10:58 asialsat Not sure what this is called and would love to find it!

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2021.11.27 10:58 ShameCareless2405 Won’t transfer XRP to Xumm Wallet

I’m trying to withdraw my XRP to my Xumm wallet, I copy and paste the xumm address to KuCoin but it say’s incorrect withdraw address once I go through security. Even though I have copy and pasted, tried on mobile and PC still no joy. Any ideas?
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2021.11.27 10:58 Zealousideal-Fun9663 Love using it as my daily lately 😅

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