Priscilla and Dandelion [2560x1440]

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2021.11.27 12:13 NewsElfForEnterprise Chick-fil-A opens another N.J. spot, but it’s drive-thru only for now

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2021.11.27 12:13 Effective-Abroad-267 I need help knowing what to do next without hurting the person I care about.

Friend (21F) and I (21M) met roughly a month ago. We hit things off immediately at a party, talking all night until both of us blacked out from alcohol. Nothing romantic happened that night but it set the path for what came next. We started texting all day every day and after a few days started hanging out after work, all day and all night. We took things slow, first kiss on the second date. Make out on third and fourth. Nothing ever passed laying on the couch together though.
After the fourth date I went on a work trip (7 days) and things started to change. Before I had left we would talk nonstop throughout the day, usually talking until 2-3 in the morning. With the time change and distance so early into the relationship though things were different. We still texted all day but our convos were a lot less involved and FaceTime never really passed the 2-3 hour mark. She was going to parties while I was gone and after getting drunk she told my friends that she was concerned that being in a relationship with me would hurt her friendship with her other male friends. (She told me originally she wanted the relationship, not me asking her.) She also believed that our relationship could hurt our work performance. We don’t work in the same office but we do work somewhat close for the same company. For some reason my friends actually agreed with her (maybe they are right, idc) one of them even drunkenly told her I was a virgin for some fucking reason.
A few days after the whole party stuff she told me she wasn’t ready for a relationship right now. I handled things well, we had only been talking for a monthish so it wasn’t the end of the world. Although I was hurt I just told her I wouldn’t be mad at honesty and that I’m glad we tried. That night my friends told me about the party and what was said, all the good and bad about me. The next night I flew home from the work trip and tried to be positive. I knew either one of two things were true. She truly didn’t want a relationship right now or she didn’t want one with me. I chose to believe the first one.
I called her later that night and told her how confused I was. She said she was being honest and she just couldn’t do it right now, wouldn’t tell me why though. After that things were okay, we spoke for 2 hours on FaceTime before she left for a party. I asked if she would mind if I showed up (my friends were there.) She said she would get drunk and kiss me and she didn’t want that, so I stayed home. Around 10 she called me and asked for a ride because she didn’t feel comfortable staying at the party house and her dd fell through. I picked her up and took her back home, and this is where things get juicy.
Being drunk, she finally started opening up. I’m not sure if I’m a dick for not telling her to shut up but whatever. She told me she just got out of a relationship with someone who was cheating on his girlfriend. She was super ashamed that after she found out she was the ‘side-chick’ she didn’t end the relationship right away. She told me how she doesn’t deserve someone who treats her right and she said she needs time. She was extremely hard on herself and told me about how much damage relationships had done to her recently. Around 2 in the morning I decided it’s probably best to not let her tell me everything about her life while drunk so I walked her up to her front door and gave her a fist bump. (I tried for something that she would remember specifically as not intimate because of the whole kiss comment earlier.)
Next day I called her and told her how I care and that I’m always here to talk to her and she didn’t even remember what she told me that night. Now I really don’t even know what to do. I’ve been talking to her daily, (Im gone again btw, at home for thanksgiving week) FaceTime and texting but it seems like we are going down the friend route hard. I invited a couple of my close friends over to watch a movie tomorrow and only after they said yes did I invite her. I made sure to tell her my other friends would be there and I just wanted a friendly movie night. She told me she would give me an answer later.
Now I guess the question part of my post. What the fuck do I do next? I really care about her, I’ve never spoken of anyone for 8 hours straight days in a row. I’ve never felt this much about anyone my whole life. I want to tell her these things but it seems so selfish to do so after she said she isn’t ready for another relationship. I haven’t moved on yet and I just NEED to know if I should. If I tell her these things and she says it’s never going to happen I won’t even be upset, I’d be relieved. Should I wait a week, a month? I just don’t know. It’s destroying me inside caring so much about a person, I just want to move on or give a real relationship a try.
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2021.11.27 12:13 VanessaPar I just want to spoil a little Suger baby all I ask is for affection in return

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2021.11.27 12:13 JesterWesterfield First ever solid solo raid character reward

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2021.11.27 12:13 EDMLiveset Solardo - The Spot 205

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2021.11.27 12:13 pancakeneo What are some good headphones for enjoying music?

I currently have the first Razer krakens so anything will be a huge step up for me as the sound quality is terrible in them in my opinion. I’ve researched some headphones such as DT 990 pros and Sennheisers Hd 599 but I find it hard to pick any myself. Im just looking for comfortable headphones so I can enjoy music at high quality. My budget is around €100. Thanks
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2021.11.27 12:13 askum not playing still posting

yes this game has problems
yes it has major problems no denying that
yes ags continues messes up patches and makes more and more bugs
no im not defending it no im not putting it down
reading this reddit this morning and i have come to this conclusion

if you are no longer playing the game and quit and have no intentions on returning why do you still come to to this forum bitch and complain about the game try to make people feel bad about playing what in the holy hell makes you think anyone really gives a shit about what you have too say you have no constructive opinions and are no longer valid in the game going forward you seem to make up a majority of the toxicity of this form. Sure your entitled to your opinion sure you may have brought problems up sure you may have had ideas.Yes you bought the game you chose to buy the game you spent the money you werent forced to. Yes we get the game is broken yes there are horrible bugs. If you have stopped playing till bug fixes are actually fixed i get that,by all means keep posting bugs and dupes , people will enjoy anything for any number of reasons trying to make people feel ashamed for liking the game, doing this in a forum is like trying to fill the mouth of a cave one pebble at a time

jesus grow the fuck up
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2021.11.27 12:13 Giovanni098 here's a tier list of how good the cards are (based on my opinion)

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2021.11.27 12:13 Meelanhaws Law has 6 toes on each foot (theory)

You’re telling me if you had his devil fruit you wouldn’t do this??? I rest my case and am willing to debate.
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2021.11.27 12:13 OlivierDiamant Just an old meme I did

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2021.11.27 12:13 ciaranjkciaran Making balsamic reduction

Any advice for making balsamic reduction, its something I always mess up and I wonder could anyone share their method and what are the things to look out for?
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2021.11.27 12:13 donutloop Deadline

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2021.11.27 12:13 FakhriRizkianaG [F4A] Meeting a cube girl [Cube] [I'm just a cube] [You could always trust a cube] [What can a cube do to you?] [Literally a talking cube]

Hello everyone. I made another script. This time, it's a script about a CUBE girl. Yeah, i'm serious, it's about a talking cube. This idea just randomly come to my head. I don't know what's going on inside my head. But, i already made it, so whatever. I hope you all like this script.
Ok to edit and monetize as long as you credit me as Fakhri Rizkiana 👍👍👍
Ceobe’s (speaker) POV:
You’re a cube. You’re really hungry after traveling for quite some time. Then, you see a human pass by. You tried to ask them for help.
Listener POV:
You just came back from work. you can’t wait to go home. But then, a sudden voice calling you. You tried to find where it comes from. After looking around for a moment, you finally found the source. But wait, the sounds come from a CUBE!?
Here is The Script
(Unimportant note: i have twitter, @FakhriRizkianaG idk what i'm gonna post there tbh)
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2021.11.27 12:13 Background_Spare_362 What did I get this emblem for? Anyone know what it is?

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2021.11.27 12:13 Kindly-Sort-535 Im on Switch and i want to Play with my Friends who Play bedrock on PC and mobile but i cant search for servers

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2021.11.27 12:13 moliko171 There's semen in advertisement...

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2021.11.27 12:13 Asleep-Brilliant-89 [WTS]🔥🎯🥑 GEISSELE MK4 FED RAIL, CRITERION HYBRID 10.5 BARREL COMPLETE UPPER 🥑🎯🔥(WA)

Criterion Hybrid 10.5, ODG Fed Rail, ADM UIC Rosco purebred receiver, SA Agb, Warcomp
Geissele ODG MK4 FED rail New! 🎯
Rosco Purebred Billet upper receiver, made by ADM, same as their UIC upper receiver, with a Rosco bulldog engraved logo above charging handle. NEW!
Criterion Hybrid 10.5 barrel less than 100 rds
Superlative Arms adjustable gas block melonite set screw style with ss tube, less than 100 rds.
Surefire 3prong Warcomp timed neutral, NEW!
Geissele Airborne charging handle, NEW!
Aero precision non marked nitride bcg, New!
Not Parting out! Will remove bcg and charging handle if needed, not for sale separately.
Pm after Dibs, no chats!
$1050 shipped complete
$900 without bcg and charging handle
Shipped fully insured and properly packaged! Shouldn't need to be said, but I've received multiple items from gafs users who could apparently care less about making sure the items are secure in shipment, once they've been paid....
PayPal FF is preferred method of payment ABSOLUTELY NO NOTES! Venmo and Cash app are available too
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2021.11.27 12:13 EDMLiveset Rinse FM Podcast 2021-11-26: Continental GT

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