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2021.11.27 12:08 -en- @Reuters: WATCH: As temperatures cool down across the UAE, off-road enthusiasts kick off desert season in Dubai https://t.co/7C666pZIke

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2021.11.27 12:08 Moofassah Fixing 3d scanned model

Fixing 3d scanned model Hello! Sorry in advance if this is not the correct place for this question. I have the following 3d scan from: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/cervus-elaphus-red-deer-jelen-szlachetny-e4a2fef282ec479597ec85956c10b6a7

And my intention is to 3d print this for my own use. ->Hanging in my office.
However the model needs to be mostly manifold for this to work. This means the nasal bone structures are a no go. I would really prefer to keep them and they are a great detail. But I have spent over a month now trying to figure this out. I'm technically able, but 3d modeling is not my forte. I've tried Blender, MeshMixer, 3d coat and Meshlab. In blender I went down the bridge,fill rabbit hole, but the result wasn't great and with such a high density model this was difficult. And I basically do not understand the volume sculpting methods in any of these tools. I also attempted a shrink wrap method in blend which started to progress, but the shrink wrap wouldn't stick to those deepest cavities in the nasal area again.

Can someone set me on a path to rebuild this model? I'll buy a piece of software if I have to as eventually I'll end up doing this to other models. (Most of the ones I want to print are ct/3d scans and have not been cleaned/prepared for 3d printing.

Thank you!

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2021.11.27 12:07 -en- @Reuters: Burkina Faso protest against militant violence turns violent https://t.co/etEx59lNk1 https://t.co/k1Z3Dx0KYX

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2021.11.27 12:07 powerk25 Buying from trusted sellers

So I just bought a watch from one of the trusted sellers ( peppa2018 ) and I was wondering if anyone else has and if they got the logo with it, the watch in the picture looks blank but I assume that's just to cover themselves since they seem to be trusted around these parts
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2021.11.27 12:07 -en- @Reuters: ICYMI: China's Xiaomi reported a smaller-than-expected rise in third-quarter revenue. Profits slumped 84% to $123 million, though the smartphone maker blamed that on changes in the valuation of companies in its investment portfolio https://t.co/ktn3ZH93rG https://t.co/vkYiE7IadV

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2021.11.27 12:07 Johnmegaman72 Revern, The Scapegoat [November Contest]

Name: Revern, The Scapegoat
Lore: Rural areas of the world are numerous, towns and villages that more often than not do not come into contact with each other even on city centers.
In these places superstition and the occult are widespread. False promises, rituals of demonic origin plagued the lands especially those that are very far from the cities. Among the people of these is Revern. As a boy he was bright and joyful and very altruistic. Helping his neighbors with any chores, giving to the poor, he is a model citizen this caught the ire of governing the elder monks whose devotion to gods have caused them to be reclusive, dictatorial and spiteful and hatched a plan. They told everyone that a famine will soon strike and the elder monks declared that a scapegoat must be found. With fear amongst the residents rising the boy volunteered to give his own life to be sacrificed.
The monks made haste and made a ritual to sacrificed him to the gods. However it was botched, it wasn't gods above that took notice but demons from below. The monks surprised as the boy is lifted by demonic energy, its face changed from that of a sweet and joyful one to one full of spite and horror. Its body made grotesque, as hands became vengeful claws and its jaw no more than a gaping orifice. The boy screamed in agony and hatred and once he is transformed he slaughtered the monks but oddly enough spared the villagers.
Since then that old village has prospered, as a true governing body was made after the fact. The boy gave his life and in return took the life of anyone he deems an enemy of everyone.

Revern, The Scapegoat is a strength melee hero whose brawler and bruiser type of gameplay gives him the ability dispense damage as well as receive tons of it.
A very grotesque looking monster, think of the Ridden from Back 4 Blood or Undying. A mix of solid skin and fleshy growth with demonic runes

Role: Tank, Nuker, Disbaler
Strength: 28+ 2.5
Intelligence : 15 + 1.3
Agility : 17 + 1.8
Movement Speed: 300
Armor : -1
Damage at Level 1: 64-66
Attack Range: 150
Attack Time: 1.8

Q: Relentless Vengeance
CD:3 Mana:50
Revern's vengeful power are felt by those who wants to abuse power
Empowers his next attack dealing 100% of his damage + 20 and maiming the enemy. The bonus damage is buffed per each kill he does using this ability with the bonus damage added depending on what kind of unit is killed.

Damage Type Physical
Added Bonus Damage Per Creep Kill 1/2/3/4
Added Bonus Damage per Hero Kill 5/10/15/20
Attack Speed Slow 30/50/70/90
Movement Speed Slow 15%/18%/24%/32%
Maim Duration 1
W: Grasping Chains
CD: 18/16/14/12 Mana: 120
Fleshy growths entangle Revern's perceived foes
Throws damaging chains to a line where it will root the first enemy it comes into contact with dealing damage. The ability can be pressed again to pull him towards the rooted enemy.

Damage Type Magical
Damage 100/130/160/190
Cast Range 500/600/700/800
Root Duration 2/2.5/3/3.5
Pull Window 1.5
Pull Speed 1000

E: Demonic Hunger
CD: 15/14/13/12 Mana: 100
Revern's demonic hunger can only be set aside for a while.
Reveren kills a creep unit regardless of team, this heals him for a percent of the creep's health and gives him bonus attack speed.

Dispellable? No
HP Restored Percent 10%/15%/20%/25%
Bonus Attack Speed 35/65/80/120
Bonus Duration 2/2.5/3/3.5

R: Murderous Intent
CD: 90 Mana: 140/180/220
Revern's demonic intent becomes murderous when need be
Unleashes his inner power and gains damage reduction, after a delay he will release a wave that fears opponent, reducing their armor, the wave can be prematurely released if Reveren receives a damage within a threshold. The damage reduction is removed upon the wave release.

Dispellable? No
Damage Reduction 15%
Wave AOE 500/600/700
Fear and Armor Reduction Duration 2.2/2.7/3.1
Armor Reduction 7/12/18
Delay 2
Damage Threshold 650/600/550

Aghanim's Scepter:
Murderous Intent:
Now passively whenever Reveren is killed, he will hunt the enemy who killed him dealing 300% of his damage on a single attack before dying for good . This hunt last 3 seconds. During this he is phased, have terrain and tree walking and has full movement speed
Aghanim's Shard:
Gives New Ability: Hellbound Hammer
Slams the ground dealing 100% of his damage in a 500 AOE siphoning Health and Mana as well as slowing enemies. CD: 20 Mana: 150

Level Left Right
25: +1 Relentless Vengeance Charge + 1 Charge Grasping Chains
20: Grasping Chains 20 damage on enemy per second on self pull +4 Seconds Maim Duration Relentless Vengeance
15: +300 HP +2.4 Mana Regen
10: + 6 armor + 10 Base Bonus Damage Relentless Vengeance
Author's Notes:
So this hero is a pet project turned entry to the November contest. Very heavily based on Doom's demons most specifically the Hell Knight. The hero is rough in places but having a melee demon that isn't TB is ok I guess.

Feedback is always welcomed.
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2021.11.27 12:07 maybedisneyvacation [MDV] How to commit murder and frame your brother Mario for the crime

Original Post
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2021.11.27 12:07 yeshlad How does this even make sense?

Last season I finished div 4 rank 2 now I've been at div 5 rank 1 for about 2 weeks
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2021.11.27 12:07 -en- @Reuters: Sudanese prime minister dismisses police chief and his deputy https://t.co/fUcdvIJmll https://t.co/U07GtMejol

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2021.11.27 12:07 FADIKALIL #عاجل . التحكم المروري: حركة المرور ناشطة من انفاق المطار باتجاه خلدة

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