Is Trader Joes becoming more expensive?

2022.01.29 06:55 PiercingRounds Is Trader Joes becoming more expensive?

I don't shop there, i just eat the food at home lol. My sister has been shopping there for 4 years and she's mentioned that after 2019, the same items she'd spend $100 on, she's now spending around $125. Maaaybe it's just New York? Who knows :0
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2022.01.29 06:55 wdDrake Anyone else find it IMPOSSIBLE to fall back asleep after waking up?

I've been taking 10mg Ambien this week to fall asleep and I always wake up a couple hours later, and that's it. It's literally impossible to fall back asleep. I'll feel hyperaroused even though I should be tired as shit.
My only obvious stressors I have is sleep itself and possibly work, but it's the weekend so I don't see how that should affect anything.
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2022.01.29 06:55 Ok-Feedback-7296 .

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2022.01.29 06:55 What2Watch- Spider-Man No Way Home

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2022.01.29 06:55 soothsayer1991 Are 30k-40k shutter count still good for a7iii?

Hi there! I'm planning to upgrade my a7ii and I see some a7iii with mostly priced around 1k-1.3k USD with shutter count of around 30k - 40k.
Also i found a deal for almost brandnew a7Riii with less than 500 shutter count for 1.3k usd and a7iii for 1k usd with 32k shuttercount
My questions are
1st question: is 30k to 40k shutter count still good for a7iii?
2nd question: would you choose the a7riii with less than 500 shutter count almost new for 1.3k usd or a7iii with 32k shutte4 count for 1k usd?
I'm just a hobbyist and doing some street, landscape and some portrait with my girlfriend. My sony a7ii has only 5k shutter count in a span of 2 years.
I'm looking about fast autofocus and also good autofocus capabilities even with low light situations.
Thank you so much!
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2022.01.29 06:55 ElVaNoS7 Invincible

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2022.01.29 06:55 odzmyt Is it fair to allow pre-access heroes to ranked matches?

I don't want to start a fight on either skill, the balance of the new hero or about the pirate in general (for all I know I think her moveset is pretty cool) I just want to know your opinion about this topic: do you think this type of content is too much of a pay to win at least for some ranks or that you can prepare yourself against a bot?
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2022.01.29 06:55 naghamm_ weird female creature that obeys me?

i dreamt about a weird creature that looks like a normal human being and goes by the name (Elena / Helena/ delena smth like that im pretty sure it started with a d tho) she would spread chaos where she'd go and everyone was scared of her i was traveling on land with someone im close to ,probably my brother, and she was there, although everyone was scared of her i shouted at her once and she stopped whatever she's doing, when i yelled the second time her black eyes filled with terror. a few days go by and my *brother * and i meet many people along the way. then one day i go to a book store and suddenly all papers and books start flying around and everyone gets scared knowing that this is *delena's * doing, again, i scream her name once and she stops and everyone goes back to normal the people who worked at that store agreed to help my * brother * and i on our trip so they joined us the next day, we stop to buy groceries and i have everything and ready to pay ( i weirdly remember getting onions and eggplants) then i realized that the cashier is delena in disguise and that she started doing her chaos. i yell at her again but this time after she stops what she's doing she grabs a knife and slices my hand that's it i woke up after
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2022.01.29 06:55 Adventurous_Chip_684 Don't worry guys! Prince is an easy and elixir efficient counter to MK! As long as MK is below 50% health and gets shot by the Princess tower, all balance to the universe is restored!

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2022.01.29 06:55 chrisor97 [Nintendo Switch] Mario Kart Live: Home CircuitMario Set - Nintendo Switch Games and Software is $55.60

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2022.01.29 06:55 PIKACHUKAPAPA Straight outta IIT Dholakpur

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2022.01.29 06:55 Enchantedfairytale Let’s talk about Tohru Honda..

Tohru Honda has to be one of my favourite “regular main character” to cease to exist in an anime. I love her character design generally, she is aware of those around her, and shows love to those who never thought they could be loved, she believes in forgiveness and second chances, and she’s just so awfully kind to everyone around her, it’s so sweet, if she existed in real life I would be so grateful. HOWEVER, one thing I really despise is early on in the series about her character is, every time someone else would bring up past trauma or pain, she would talk about her mother or herself, for example when Momiji opens up to Tohru about his family life she goes on to talk about HER mother, didn’t even comfort him at first, I’m aware she put herself in his shoes but comeee onn.. I get this helps the audience learn more about Tohru’s character and life, but would it hurt not to make Tohru constantly victimise herself when a moment was finally not about her? This is like a minor issue, not really a big deal, i’m just surprised i’ve seen no one on this sub reddit talk about this. P.S- I’m not a fan of the way Anime creators so regularly make the main female protagonist ‘weak’ to show how loving they are.. Anyways, love Tohru Honda ❤️
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2022.01.29 06:55 SrineshNisala Using in vim

I'm a colemak user and I want to :nmap l. I have added fix_keyboard_input patch to Simple Terminal so when I hit ctrl + i on terminal it types 5;5u while tab key adds a tab space. However, the key change does not apply to vim. For example when I hit in insert mode, vim still types a tab space. How can I get ctrl + i as it is in vim? And why the hell ctrl + i is tab inside vim anyway?
ST config for ctrl + i

static Key key[] = { ... { XK_i, ControlMask, "\033[105;5u", 0, 0}, ... 
I found a workaround for the moment by changing ;5u to ;4u. This changes the ctrl + i to . So I can :nmap l.
static Key key[] = { ... { XK_i, ControlMask, "\033[105;4u", 0, 0}, ... 
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2022.01.29 06:55 OnlyManOnMars Katsuko - Nightdwellers

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2022.01.29 06:55 sunarintarou Some fanart I started a while ago. Happy birthday Jayy.

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2022.01.29 06:55 Aegis8080 Suggestions on my personal webpage?

This is related to this post. Yet, unlike my previous post, I would like to know whether you guys have any suggestions on the webpage UI design as a whole.
My webpage: Matthew Kwong - Front-End Developer & System DBA (
Note: I know many people will put detailed descriptions about the projects they have done/are doing. I can't do that. I'm working in a corporate environment and doing will put me at a high chance of violating the NDA.
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2022.01.29 06:55 vish0093 New one.. ( text on dock are icons)

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2022.01.29 06:55 yomamalol1 The killers way to tea bag.

I literally just played a game with a team of survivors so bad. I had all four on the floor within like 3 min all near each other. I picked one up and let her go. Then I just sat by the camp fire. Then they started tea bagging so I again floored all of them. The third time I just let them bleed out. Boom. F you survivors. How do ya'll tea bag as killers?
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2022.01.29 06:55 yourmatesSapph Flag Of The EZLN, A Libertarian Socialist Militant Org, Currently Active In The Chiapas In Mexico.

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2022.01.29 06:55 SoundForMore Loopy Pro Looper, DAW, Sampler - Tutorial Part 17: More about recording

In this tutorial we explore more options about recording with Loopy Pro. It might be that you already know them or you are looking for some clarification.
This video covers the following:

Enjoy and do not forget to subscribe!
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2022.01.29 06:55 Masta_nightshade Need your opinion

I'm doing a playthrough of dq11 but using only off roles. For example I'm going down the luminary tree with hero, boomerangs with Erik, and spears and whips for the girls. But I'm kinda stuck unsure what to do with sylvando. I feel everything is pretty equal for him normally i beeline for hustle dance. So I'll avoid that but idk what really to do. What would you consider sylvandos least popular role/branch? Whips or knives maybe?
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2022.01.29 06:55 MarcosDWXD W/L

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2022.01.29 06:55 lessons_learnt 3D mural by Shozy

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2022.01.29 06:55 Bromeliaddict Tillandsia streptophylla

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2022.01.29 06:55 Glittering_Kitten_ Can someone please give me advice?

Hey, I’m a little and I have been in a long distance relationship with my Dom for a year now. In the beginning of our relationship he had a lot of time for me and taking care of me, but then he moved and got a new job. Now he doesn’t has as much time forme anymore and we only call on the weekend. I know it’s because of his job and the time difference and I’m fine with that but here comes the upsetting part. I’m not allowed to stay up longer so we can call, he promises me to call me in the morning but he doesn’t, he doesn’t text me good morning anymore and after work he also doesn’t text. I know he is busy but sometimes it feels like he isn’t interested in me anymore. I don’t want to bother him or annoy him but it makes me just really sad. It would be really nice of someone to give me advice but I understand that this is a hard topic especially because you don’t know the situation to 1000%. I still hope you guys have a beautiful day and stay safe 😊💜.
(Sorry if my English is bad,it’s not my mother tongue XD)
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